OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Fisheries & Livestock Production Volume 5 Issue 1 Shark and Shark Products Trade Channel and its Conservation Aspects inBangladesh Md Monjurul Hasan, K M Shahriar Nazru, Mohammed Rashed Parvej, Md Shamsul Alam Patwary and A M M Borhan Uddin Mesocosm Studies on the Effect of Propanil on the Water Quality andPlankton Communities of Four Aquaculture Pond Systems Peter Perschbacher and Regina Edziyie Farmers Preference and Effect of Feeding Selected Local Forages withConcentrate on the Dry Matter Intake and Weight Gain Performance ofBonga Sheep under Alarigeta Farmers Management Zelek M, Giorgis DH, Rete C and Silase TG Fish Food and Fish Diseases Bassleer G Growth Responses of Hybrid Catfish Heteroclarias Juveniles Fed AllPlant Protein Diets Supplemented with Llysine and Lmethionine Adebayo IA Preliminary Assessment of Heavy Metal Concentrations in Selected FishFeed Ingredients in Nigeria Adeniji CA and Okedeyi OO Effect of Storage Temperature on the Quality and Microbial Content ofSaltSmokeDried shoal Ophiocephalus striatus Chakroborty T and Chakraborty SC Assessing Carcinogenic and other Health Risks Associated withConsuming a Food Fish Labeo pseudocoubie from the NigerBenueImoRiver Systems Nigeria Uche AO, Sikoki FD, Babatunde BB, Konya RS and Ifeh MO5 Beekeeping Practices Trends and Constraints in Bale SoutheasternEthiopia Tesfaye B, Begna D and Eshetu M Endo Microbial Fauna of Tilapia spp Oreochromis niloticus found in aFlowing Canal at Eden Garden and Park Utako Abuja Studies on the Mitochondrial Genomics in Salmo trutta caspius Populationin Three Rivers of Caspian Sea Reproductive Profile of Indian Major Carp Cirrhinus mrigala Hamilton1822 with Restoration from the Ganga River India Analysis of Microfinance Banks Support to Agricultural Lending in EdoState Nigeria Performance of Galla Goats Fed Different Cultivars of Brachiaria in theCoastal Lowlands of Kenya