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Visualize your imagination

Whenever you resort to compose the hard earned data into a meaningful book, you start with certain views, expectations and imagination. We at OMICS eBooks would support you in getting your dreams realized by shaping the edited chapters as a comprehensive book with images, tables, graphs and web links, so that it gets wider circulation.

OMICS International eBooks cover wide category topics within the pure and applied sciences from the Clinical, Medical, Engineering & Technology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Business and Management and Life Sciences. This Publisher accepts and publish standard high quality researched original books.


The production process starts with a detailed proposal submission, explaining the aim, scope and objective of the proposed book along with the details of chapters. We at OMICS eBooks assign all manuscripts for a thorough review for the suggestions from the subject experts. Upon receiving the review, we contact the author(s) for revising the original manuscript as per the suggestion. Followed by the revision, the manuscript undergoes verification of the proof for spelling, grammar and formatting. Once we ensure that the script has adhered to the standards of eBook, we initiate the cover design and assign the copy for e-publication. All eBooks are published in PDF and HTML format. Pagination and layout designing is done by the graphics expert after the author’s approval. Similarly, full-text development is done by separate web team experts along with proper interlinking. eBook popularity is regular tracked and their reach to the targeted audience is monitored regularly. Chapter-wise popularity analysis is done for every book.


Our digital and online marketing team takes the charge to promote your book through book marking, blogs, and popular social media sites like Facebook, Linked-In, You Tube and all other available online channels. We take help from our associations to promote your product globally. We promote the eBooks through popular book archival sites such as Google Books and others to enhance the visibility, popularity and citations.


We distribute the digital version of the book online. We also provide printed version of the book on demand, which would involve publication charges. Upon author’s interest, we also support for print copy distribution globally through our channel partners.

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