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Minimally invasive Procedures for Facial Rejuvenation

Minimally invasive Procedures for Facial Rejuvenation

Minimally invasive Procedures for Facial Rejuvenation

  • Editor: Antonio Rusciani   Giuseppe Curinga  
  • ISBN: 978-1-63278-026-3
  • DOI: 10.4172/978-1-63278-026-3-027
  • No of Pages: 196
  • Publisher: OMICS International
  • Published On: April 2015 , Wed 15
  • Chapter 1      
    Anatomy and the Aging Process of the Face
    Authors: Alessandra Iorio, Elisabetta Scali

    Skin aging is a complex and progressive biological process linked to the passage of time.

  • Chapter 2      
    Anaesthesia for Cosmetic Procedures
    Authors: J Emilio Llopis, Giovanni Bistonni, Andreu Cueva Suller

    A wide range of anaesthetic procedures can be used with facial surgery.

  • Chapter 3      
    Photographic Documentation and Informed Consent
    Authors: Tommaso Anniboletti, Carmela La Greca

    The first part of the chapter is focused on the critical points and guidelines about photographic documentation in plastic surgery.

  • Chapter 4      
    Chemical Peels
    Authors: Giuseppe Guerriero, Laura Del Regno

    “Chemical peel” is a dermo surgical method used to treat skin diseases and blemishes: for this purpose it relies on the use of caustic substances in monosupply or in combination.

  • Chapter 5      
    Hyaluronic Acid for Facial Rejuvenation
    Authors: Giovanni Bistoni, Ryckie G Wade, Justin CR Wormald, Andrea Figus

    The use of non-invasive techniques for facial rejuvenation is gaining popularity worldwide.

  • Chapter 6      
    Calcium Hydroxyapatite and Poly-L-Lactic Acid: The Long Lasting Fillers
    Authors: Raffaele Rauso

    During the times several dermal fillers have been introduced in the market.

  • Chapter 7      
    Botulinum Toxin Type a Treatment in Facial Rejuvenation
    Authors: Giovanni Bistoni, Andrea Figus

    In this chapter we analyze the ever expanding potential uses of botulinum toxin in medical practice focusing on its cosmetic used in facial rejuvenation.

  • Chapter 8      
    Biostimulation: Platelet Rich Plasma
    Authors: A Rusciani, Giuseppe Curinga, G Pietramaggiori, S Scherer

    Platelets have long been known for their role in early hemostasis, while their tissue regenerative properties have been discovered only over the last decade.

  • Chapter 9      
    Autologous Fat Transfer for Face Rejuvenation
    Authors: Antonio Rusciani, Arianna Milia, Giuseppe Curinga

    The face aging is a physiological process that involves the cutis, subcutis, fascia, muscle and bone.

  • Chapter 10      
    Nonablative Radiofrequency in the Rejuvenation of the Skin
    Authors: Giuseppe Curinga, Antonio Rusciani

    In recent years, radiofrequency has become another tool for facial rejuvenation.

  • Chapter 11      
    Intense Pulsed Light
    Authors: Raffaele Rauso, Roberto Amore

    IPL is a quite recent method that uses luminous energy.

  • Chapter 12      
    Laser Hair Removal
    Authors: Angela Motta

    The presence of unwanted hair is extremely distressing to patients and may impact their quality of life.

  • Chapter 13      
    The Carbon Dioxide Laser in Dermatologic Surgery and Facial Rejuvenation
    Authors: Andrea Paradisi, Paolo Sbano

    Invented in 1964 by Kumar Patel of Bell Laboratories, the carbon dioxide (CO2) laser is arguably the most widely used laser in medicine.

  • Antonio Rusciani

    Skinlaser – Piazzale delle Belle Arti 2

    Antonio Rusciani currentely serves at Skinlaser Center in Rome as a plastic surgeon and dermatologist. He completed his medical degree and residency in dermatology at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome, and residency in Plastic Surgery at University La Sapienza in Rome. He obtained the Ph.D. degree at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome in 2007. In 2001 and 2002 he spent two year around Europe and US (Paris, Bonn, Frankfurt, Indianapolis) to improve his skills in Dermatologic Surgery, Mohs Surgery, Liposuction). Hi is author of more than 100 articles on topics such as dermatologic surgery, lasers, plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Rusciani lives in Rome with his wife. They are the parents of three sons.

  • Giuseppe Curinga

    Venuslab - Plastic Surgery and Laser Center

    Giuseppe Curinga currently serves on the “Maddalena Hospital” in Palermo, (Oncoplastic Breast Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery), and “Venuslab” Plastic Surgery and Laser Center in Palermo. He received his medical degree and completed his internship and residency at University La Sapienza in Rome. Dr. Curinga has received a grant from International Society of Burn Injuries (Fellowship at Johns Hopkins, Baltimore US). He is a member of ISBI (International Society of Burn Injuries) and SICPRE (Societa’ Italiana di Chirurgia Plastica Ricostruttiva ed Estetica). A specialist in plastic surgery, Dr. Curinga maintains an active research program. Dr. Curinga has published more than 60 articles on topics such as aesthetic surgery, breast surgery, burns and reconstructive surgery. A native of Calabria, Dr. Curinga lives with his wife in Palermo, Italy.

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