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Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy

Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy

Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy

  • Editor: Dr. Fernandez-Ginés FD   Pablo Nieto Guindo  
  • No of Pages: 63
  • Publisher: OMICS International
  • Published On: February 2014 , Wed 26
  • Chapter 1      
    Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: A Review of Different Treatment Options
    Authors: Dr. Alankar Shrivastava

    The functional disorders of the urogenital system typically are non-life-threatening conditions. However, they can have major adverse effects on quality of life of the patient and his/her partner.

  • Chapter 2      
    Congestive Heart Failure
    Authors: Dr. Xue Lei

    Congestive heart failure (CHF), also called as chronic heart failure is characterized by following features: absolutely or relatively inadequate cardiac output, clinical symptoms related to CHF, pulmonary congestion (left heart failure) and peripheral edema (right heart failure).

  • Chapter 3      
    Management of Hypertension
    Authors: Dr. Wafaa Hammoud

    Hypertension (HTN) is a chronic disease affecting an estimated 28-30% of adult population. World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that up to 50% of adults in many countries are estimated to have high blood pressure.

  • Chapter 4      
    Parkinson’s Disease
    Authors: Swati Madan , Sumeet Gullaiya

    Parkinson’s disease (PD) is characterized as a progressive neurodenerative disorder with four prominent clinical features including tremor, rigidity, bradykinesia and loss of posture.

  • Chapter 5      
    Pharmacological Management of Stable Angina
    Authors: Dr. Héctor Mateo-Carrasco , Emilio Molina-Cuadrado , Miguel Gómez Matarín , Russel Parsons

    Stable angina occurs when myocardial oxygen demand overwhelms supply, due to an atheroma plaque that occludes blood flow in the coronary arteries. Prevalence is higher in males, and increases sharply with age.

  • Chapter 6      
    Therapy of Allergic Rhinitis
    Authors: Gabriele DiLorenzo , Maria S Leto-Barone , Simona La Piana

    Allergic rhinitis is a common disorder that is strongly linked to other allergic diseases as dermatitis, conjunctivitis, and asthma. The classic symptoms of the allergic rhinitis are nasal congestion, nasal itch, rhinorrhea and sneezing.

  • Chapter 7      
    Treatment of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: An Evolving Landscape
    Authors: Cher Y Enderby , Charles Burger

    Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) is a chronic, debilitating, incurable disease of the pulmonary vasculature. Chronic adjuvant therapies include the use of oxygen, diuretics, warfarin, and digoxin.

  • Dr. Fernandez-Ginés FD

    Pharmacy Specialist, Pharmacy Department in Torrecárdenas Hospital, University of Granada, Spain

    In 2011, I started my residency as a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at the Torrecárdenas Hospital Complex, Almería, Spain. It was at the end of 2012, when our research group was formed by the doctors: F. Dámaso Fernández Ginés, Manuel Cortiñas Sáenz, Ana Navajas-Gómez de Aranda, Carmen Fernández Sánchez and Francisco Sierra García.Our research group specialized in the field of topical instillations of sevoflurane in painful vascular ulcers, beginning our journey in early 2013, preparing reports for the approval of the Ethical Committee and the Pharmacy Commission, finally approved. Until then, we had a total of 57 patients recruited with great results in terms of pain management, reduction of the area of the ulcer (epithelial effect), infection management (microbicide) and reduction of morphine consumption. It was at the beginning of 2017, when we decided to treat the pathology of musculoskeletal and joint pain by applying sevoflurane on healthy skin, through a galenic composition optimised.

  • Pablo Nieto Guindo

    Hospital Torrecárdenas, Department of hospital pharmacy, Almeria, Spain

    Pablo Nieto-Guindo currently works at the Department of hospital pharmacy, Hospital Torrecárdenas, Almeria. Pablo does research in Public Health, Nutritional Biochemistry and Nutrition and Dietetics. Their most recent publication is 'CP-137 Economic analysis of azacitidine versus decitabine for the treatment of acute myeloid leukaemia.'

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