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Failure Analysis of Corrosion Case Histories

Failure Analysis of Corrosion Case Histories

Failure Analysis of Corrosion Case Histories

  • Editor: Sadeq Hooshmand Zaferani
  • ISBN: 978-1-63278-044-7
  • DOI: 10.4172/978-1-63278-044-7-045
  • No of Pages: 69
  • Publisher: OMICS International
  • Published On: February 2015 , Thu 12
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    Failure Analysis of Corrosion Case Histories
    Authors: Sadeq Hooshmand Zaferani

    Natural gas processing begins at the wellhead. The composition of the rawnatural gas extracted from producing wells depends on the type, depth and location of the underground deposit and the geology of the area. Oil and natural gas are often found together in the same reservoir.

  • Sadeq Hooshmand Zaferani

    Industrial consultant, Javad mostofi fakhraei, Department of technical inspection and corrosion protection, East Oil and Gas Company (EOGC), Iran

    Sadeq Hooshmand Zaferani is a quality control (QC) engineer in oil and gas industry; who was graduated from Petroleum University of Technology (PUT), Abadan Institute of Technology (AIT). He is the author of different publications (book and paper) in corrosion field (coating, inhibitor and environmentally friendly controlling techniques). In this field he is persuading to evaluate different methods via simulation or experiments in order to devise new techniques for controlling the corrosion process in various conditions. Furthermore, recently he has an opportunity to extend his researchers in developing of the Renewable Energy Sources.

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