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Contemporary Biomedical Microscopy

Contemporary Biomedical Microscopy

Contemporary Biomedical Microscopy

  • Editor: Dimitri Scholz
  • Publisher: OMICS International
  • Chapter 1      
    Principles and Diversity of Microscopy
    Authors: Dimitri Scholz

    In the second half of the ­­20th century, progress in cell biology was far behind molecular biology. Even books entitled “Cell biology" were mostly devoted to molecular interactions rather than the life, structure and physiology of the cell.

  • Chapter 2      
    Confocal Microscopy
    Authors: Luis Alvarez

    Imaging is a key element of modern research as it enables us to directly probe the spatio-temporal distribution of biological processes as we seek to understand their function.

  • Chapter 3      
    High-content Screening Microscopy in Drug Discovery
    Authors: Jeremy C. Simpson , Angela Panarella , George Galea

    In recent years there has been a paradigm shift towards quantitative imaging. At the forefront of this is high-content screening (HCS) microscopy, a technology that facilitates image acquisition and analysis on a high-throughput scale.

  • Chapter 4      
    Multi-dimensional Data Acquisition and Analyses: Time-lapse Filming of Three-dimensional Cell Culture Materials in Multi-colour at Multi-positions for Extended Time Periods
    Authors: Nobue Itasaki

    Cells cultured in two-dimension (2D) often stick to the flat bottom of the dish, which can cause misrepresentation of cell morphology, as well as a compromise in cell function.

  • Chapter 5      
    Trends and Developments in Microscopy
    Authors: Dimitri Scholz

    Microscopy is a booming area of research for all involved parties: cell biologists, physicists, mathematicians, engineers and sell persons.

  • Chapter 6      
    Sample Preparation for Imaging
    Authors: Dimitri Scholz

    No imaging is possible without an appropriate sample. The result will be only as good as the weakest part of the whole process of sample preparation and imaging.

  • Dimitri Scholz

    Director of Biological Imaging, Expert in cell biology and microscopy, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

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