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Guidelines to Editor

Guidelines to Editor

OMICS International has been successfully publishing Books since 2012 with the healthy support of eminent researchers from all corners of the globe.

Brief editorial responsibilities include:

• Propose a Title for the Book
• Prepare Book Chapter Titles for the proposed Book
• Coordinate with OMICS in inviting contributors for contributing relevant Book Chapters for the proposed Book or Editor can invite the Authors or Editor can submit the Book Chapters
• Oversee the submission of final edited versions of the Book before publishing

All the book chapters are distributed under the Creative Commons (CC BY) license and CC BY-Noncommercial (CC BY-NC) license, which ensures maximum dissemination and a wider impact of our publications. Depending on the license all the Books can be accessed by our readers (researchers, students, universities, scientific community) around the globe. 

The process of Book publication includes:

• Editor accepts to publish a Book with OMICS International
• Editor Proposes a Title for the Book
• Editor suggests with book Chapter Titles
• Updating Website with the proposed Book Title, Chapter Titles & Cover image
• Inviting contributors for the proposed Book
• Coordinating with editor and author regarding scope & title for the author's contribution
• Author submits his contribution for review
• Upon editor's acceptance, the contribution is assigned with Reviewers
• Based on Reviewer comments and approval from editor, the author's contribution is included in the Book.
• On submission and review of all the Book Chapters, the Book is published and is available for readers.

Once the Book will be published online, no book chapters will be added in the proposed list of Book Chapters. All the published Books will be submitted with their respective repositories (Ex: EBSCO, BASE, OpenAIRE, CEDA, Zenodo etc).

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CEDA Repository:

We charge minimum publication fee for the Editors /Authors to publish their Book Chapters.
Reputed Editors / Authors will get maximum discount for publishing their Books.

For any queries :

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