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Who Owns the Copyright on my eBook?

Authors own the sole copyright of their work under the terms outlined by the Creative Commons licenses while allowing others to copy, distribute, and use the work in a non-commercial way. The user of the information should acknowledge the author of the original work.

Is there any publication charges for OMICS International eBooks?

Yes, the authors are imposed with the publication charges. The charges include the production and promotion process of the eBook along with the maintenance of ISBN’s and DOI’s.

What are the benefits of Publishing with OMICS International eBooks?

  • OMICS International eBooks attracts an exclusive group of Scientists, Researchers, Department Chairs, Directors and decision makers from a cross section of fields like Pharma, Biotech and Health Care industries.
  • Publishing your eBook for free in most updated digital formats (Digital, HTML, PDF, 50+ Language translation)
  • Designing Cover page image for your eBook for free
  • Valuable discounts on OMICS International Conference registration, which are held at all corners of the globe. And many more..!

Do we get hard copy prints of eBooks?

We offer Print on Demand services for providing hard copy prints. Reprints will be distributed on an order of small quantities.

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