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Who Owns the Copyright on my eBook?

Authors own the sole copyright of their work under the terms outlined by the Creative Commons licenses.

Are there any publication charges for the electronically published books?

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All the books published by the eSciencecentral are displayed in EBSCO and the readers can avail them by paying subscription charges. Authors that wish to make their books Open Access must mention it in their agreement so that access to such books can be made available freely to all.

Do authors have to pay any charges for the electronically published books?

Authors are expected to pay for the production, promotion, ISBN, DOI and maintenance of the digitally published books in the websites and repositories.

What are the benefits of Publishing with eSceincecentral eBooks?

  • Electronically published books are promoted through popular ecommerce platforms like EBASCO
  • Digitally published books are listed in Worldcat catalogue
  • eSciencecentral eBooks attracts an exclusive group of Scientists, Researchers, Department Chairs, Directors and decision makers across the academia and industry including Pharma, Biotech and Health Care.
  • Designing Cover page image for your eBook for free
  • Valuable discounts on eSceincecentral International Conference participant registration fee.
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Do we get hard copy prints of eBooks?

Yes! Printed copies of the eSciencecentral eBooks are available to the authors on demand in small quantities on paying the publication charges. Reprints will be distributed on an order of small quantities.

What are the benefits of publishing under open access model?

  • The authors holds the Copyright of their own research outcomes, concepts and expert opinions
  • Post-publication promotion of the published books for enhanced visibility citation probability
  • Assignment of DOI to the accepted and published books.
  • Free electronic PDF copies of the published books
  • Special discounts on processing charges based on the number, relevance and impact of the submissions
  • Relatively faster review and publication of the books.
  • Visibility and reach of the book is very high in Open access model.

Only a one-time processing fee is charged for an accepted and published books based on the extent of processing involved without any additional or hidden charges.

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