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e-Sciencecentral eBooks provides space to the advertisers to promote their products/services which lead to successful business.

Founded in 2012, e-Sciencecentral eBooks has remained faithful to its commitment to publish world-class, peer-review scientific content, highly respected by researchers and is organizer of conferences e-Sciencecentral eBooks accomplishes this goal through production and distribution of high caliber electronic and print publications for a broad range of researchers, concentrating on specialists, key opinion leaders and high prescribers. e-Sciencecentral eBooks actively solicits advertising and sponsorships in relation to its online and print publications. It is in the best interests of e-Sciencecentral eBooks, its advertisers and sponsors to ensure that the products remain a trusted, credible source of information for researchers and other information.

Advertising Policies & Conditions

  • e-Sciencecentral eBooks accepts advertisements from organizations whose goals are to serve intellectual or academic oriented purposes. We encourage, academic and independent press and publishers, Conference organizers, academic and industrial exhibitors, event organizers, and book publishers to advertise in our site.
  • The publisher would like to serve this group through offering variety of Main Banner advertisement and Flag Advertisement facility available in the website.
  • e-Sciencecentral eBooks offers Main banner advertising space on top middle of the home page with 970 pixels in width and 90 pixels in length.
  • e-Sciencecentral offers Flag advertising space in the right bar of internal page with 300 pixels in width and 600 pixels in length
  • To advertise with e-Sciencecentral eBooks, please contact the advertising manager at [email protected]
  • Teaser must be provided by the advertiser in jpeg or jpg format which must have a high resolution based on the site the customers select or we may provide guidance to design your ad in suitable form with an additional charge of 150 USD.
  • The teaser must be free of copyright and must not have a copyright issue.
  • Audio is not allowed on Flash ads.
  • All final materials must be received at least 10 business days prior to the requested launch date of your advertisement.

Browse Books

e-Sciencecentral l eBooks offers Quality Books and many more to suite your needs.

Advertisements in each of the following categories will be considered

Pharmaceutical Advertising:

Advertisements for prescription or non-prescription drug products, biological or natural health products.

Healthcare and Non- Healthcare Advertising

Advertisements for medical devices, non-pharmaceutical products or services provided by pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare-related organizations/ products.

Engineering and Technology

Advertisements for products / services in the field of engineering and technology

Contacting local representative

If you have any questions about advertising opportunities with e-Sciencecentral eBooks, contact our representative for personal assistance by e-mail at: [email protected]

Main Banner Advertising Charges

1Month................................800 USD
3Months...............................2000 USD
1Year.................................4900 USD
Art work..............................250 USD

Flag Advertising Charges

1Month................................500 USD
3Months...............................1200 USD
1Year.................................3500 USD
Art work..............................200 USD

These terms and conditions are applicable to all the customers seeking advertisement in the digital platform provided by e-Sciencecentral eBooks.

The customer may contact for advertisement directly or through their agents. These conditions will be applicable to both the direct customers as well as the agents.

Payment Terms

The mode of payment will be either via IVR or Check. Advance payment is mandatory prior to the launch of advertisement in the e-Sciencecentral. Customers are requested to carefully follow the terms and conditions before the agreement.

Warranty & Indemnity

  • The customer authorizes the publisher to display the advertisement in any form and free of royalty.
  • The advertisement will be displayed after an agreement signed by both the parties.
  • e-Sciencecentral reserves all rights of the advertisement.
  • Before finalizing the advertisement, the customer should justify the rules and laws of state legislature of marketing and will be responsible for the content and display items.
  • The contact details of the customer should contain full name, complete address, E-mail ID and phone number.
  • Customer’s personal information will not be shared with any third party; it will be used only for invoicing purpose.
  • Both the parties must ensure the confidentiality of the agreement and shall not disclose.

The terms and conditions stated in the agreement, Data related to advertising schedules, advertising, prices, or volumes etc. Each party should take all the necessary steps to prevent any unauthorized use, dissemination or disclosure of the confidential information.

Benefits of Advertising with e-Sciencecentral eBooks

e-Sciencecentral eBooks (and its subsidiaries), is Hybrid publisher and international conference Organizer, which owns and operates 104+ peer-reviewed Clinical, Medical, Life Sciences, and Engineering & Technology journals.

  • e-Sciencecentral eBooks and Journals have more than 5 million readers. e-Sciencecentral eBooks and journals have been indexed in some very prestigious databases like Scopus, EBSCO, SherpaRomeo, Crossref, IIJIF, Index Copernicus, J-Gate, Journal Database and Cosmos etc.
  • On an average the e-Sciencecentral eBooks and Journals website receives traffic of almost a 3 million hits/per month from all over the world.
  • The organization is associated with 104+ scientific and academic societies and several journals are being sponsored by such prestigious societies. International eBooks in reference to publishing and organizing conferences is indulged in various fields namely Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Clinical, Medical and Engineering, etc.
  • Quotes will be provided on a case to case basis for duration of 6 months or more.
  • Prices are liable to change depending on availability of place and duration of time.

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