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About Us

About Us

Transcending the World of Digital Book publishing for Global Academia

e-Sciencecentral invites you to the world of digital books, a hub of opportunities to voice your unique scientific findings as full length electronic books.

What we do?

We provide wide range of options to showcase your research and documentation inquisitives as full-fledged books online. You may be a young and emerging researcher at the early stage of career. Yet, you can convert your thesis as a book without many hassles. Professionals that have elaborate research background can publish edited volumes by involving their colleagues and research scholars that pursue studies under their guidance to contribute thematic books. Veterans can author a book independently or collaboratively, by involving the academic and research partners.

Mission & Vision

We could reach the eminent scholars across North America, Western Europe, Australia, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific. We are equally keen in reaching the authors of developing and emerging economies to shed light on the scholarly work of Africa and eastern European scholars also. We thus encourage individual scientists, academicians, research scholars and students that are capable of expand their research as Books.

We Support

Our Publication house offers you peer review, electronic formatting, editing, electronic image and graphic designing assistance with ISBN numbers to make it more appealing, authentic, and meaningful to the readers.

We will also provide the hard copies of the book on request, which covers publication charges. We shoulder the responsibility of promoting your books in prominent digital platforms like EBSCO and Worldcat catalogue to take your writings to the global audience.

Authors from the all major scientific disciplines, including clinical, medical, pharmaceutical, medical, environmental, engineering & technology, management and humanities are welcome to generously contribute their works as ebooks. Let the hard earned scholarly knowledge preserved and prevail for the generations to come in repositories.

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