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The Membership benefits of publishing your eBook with OMICS include:
  • Publishing your Open Access eBook for free in most updated digital formats (Digital, HTML, PDF, Audio Format, 50+ Language translation)
  • Designing Cover page image and developing an exclusive web page for your eBook for free
  • Valuable discounts up to 25% on Open Access publication fee (OMICS Group Open Access Journals)
  • Valuable discounts on OMICS Group Conference registration and accommodation, which are held at all corners of the globe.
  • Indexing the eBook at Google books for higher visibility

Along with above benefits, OMICS Group credits its editors/authors with monetary benefit by sharing 25% of revenue generated from the sponsorship referred by the editors/authors. (To keep it simple, if an editor/author refers any company for sponsoring his/her eBook, then 25% of this revenue is shared with the concerned editor/author).

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